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Courage to Care is one of the most dynamic and important experiences students can encounter. 

Courage to Care is not for profit travelling education program that transforms bystander behaviour by examining racism, prejudice, discrimination and bullying, in history and in contemporary society.
Using the historical reference of the Holocaust as a case study of the worst possible consequences of unfettered discrimination, and taking inspiration from the extraordinary acts of ordinary people who intervened to save others, the program inspires participants to become Upstanders in the face of injustice.

Courage to Care offers participants practical tools to stand up against bullying and prejudice to empower participants to take positive action, in school yards, workplaces, and in our communities.

Since 2000, more than 142,000 students have participated in Courage to Care workshops in Victoria.

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All Courage to Care workshops are offered to schools at no cost. However, there are substantial costs associated with planning, preparing material, and travel, so we are grateful for donations from schools to assist us in keeping our program on the road.



SYP is a 110-minute program suitable for students in Years 8 – 12.
Available at regional exhibitions and as a direct-to-school incursion. 

What students can expect:

  1. A brief documentary film: historical context to the Holocaust as an extreme example of the consequences of racism and discrimination.
  2. A survivor’s testimony: a Holocaust survivor gives personal testimony on the ways in which their rescuers showed the courage to care.
  3. Upstander stories: an opportunity to examine the stories of other upstanders (Righteous of the Nations) and the lessons derived from their actions.
  4. Discussion: facilitated by trained volunteers on the students’ own perceptions and circumstances to help them understand how they can make a difference in their own community by choosing to be upstanders when witnessing incidents of injustice.
  5. Wrap up: Students are provided with a toolkit to help them respond when they witness injustice



MYP is a 90-minute workshop suitable for students in Years 5-7.
Available as a direct-to-school incursion.

  1. What students can expect
    • Hands-on activities and group work
    • To be challenged regarding attitudes and behaviours.
    • Learn that each individual can make a difference
    • Discover how to transform “bystander” behaviour to “upstander” behaviour.
  2. What they will learn
    • How society influences the way we see and treat others
    • How certain negative attitudes towards others can lead to social exclusion and intolerance
  3.  A survivor’s testimony
    A Holocaust survivor gives personal testimony on the ways in which their rescuers showed the courage to care.
  4.  Discussion
    Led by trained facilitators, students are guided on a journey to explore their own attitudes and actions and are provided with tools to help them develop more empathic and thoughtful responses.


Schools must meet criteria at the time of booking so we can be sure we can deliver a high quality program. 

  • 50 – 90 students per workshop
  • A minimum of two workshops per booking
  • Incursions can be booked for 1 – 5 consecutive days
  • A minimum of 200 students if the distance from Melbourne requires the team to stay overnight
  • Workshops are structured to run uninterrupted.
  •         SYP workshops are 110 minutes
  •        MYP workshops are 90 minutes

Workshops are offered to school at no cost. However, there are costs associated with preparing material so we are grateful for donations to assist us in keeping our incursion program on the road.
Want to make a booking? Call the program manager on 03-9533-0955