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Courage to Care is one of the most dynamic and important experiences students can encounter. 

This not for profit travelling education program transforms bystander behaviour by using the period of the Holocaust to explore racism, prejudice, discrimination and bullying, and to highlight the acts of Upstanders, the ‘Righteous Among the Nations’ (those men and women who risked their own lives to save others) and the heroes of other genocides whose courage saved lives.

By highlighting the importance of standing up to bullying and prejudice whenever it occurs, Courage to Care empowers and inspires participants to take positive action, to be Upstanders rather than bystanders to discrimination in all forms, from the school yard to the workplace.

Courage to Care offers schools the opportunity to participate in regional exhibition programs, and in direct to school incursion programs.


Outline of what students will experience and contextual introduction to the program

A  brief introductory film gives historical background to the Holocaust as an extreme example of the consequences of racism, prejudice and bystander behaviour.

A survivor’s testimony
A Holocaust survivor gives personal testimony focusing on how their rescuers demonstrated the courage to care.

Interactive exploration
This consists of interactive multimedia recounting stories of the rescuers and the people they saved. Genocides other than the Holocaust are included, and the regional exhibition program also includes showcases with compelling artifacts.

Facilitated discussion
Led by trained facilitators, participants are encouraged to reflect on their own life experiences and to relate the examples provided in the program to their own lives, to contextualise the message of Courage to Care.

Wrap up
Summary of practical ways of being an Upstander

Students are provided with all necessary material, including a handbook. Teachers are offered resources to assist in preparing students for the workshop, with suggestions for class follow up.







Our direct to school workshops deliver the same message and structure as our Exhibition workshops but are run on a smaller scale, using iPad projection based interactive technology. The heart of the program and the message of Courage to Care is that  we should be Upstanders Not Bystanders, and each person can make a difference.

Schools must meet logistic criteria at the time of booking so we can be sure we can deliver a high quality program. 

  • A minimum of two workshops on the same day, each for at least 50 students but no more than 75 students 
  • Incursions can be booked for 1 – 5 consecutive days
  • A minimum of four workshops over two days must be booked if the distance from Melbourne requires the team to stay overnight
  • Workshops are structured to run 110 minutes uninterrupted.

Workshops are offered to school at no cost. However, there are costs associated with preparing material so we are grateful for donations to assist us in keeping our incursion program on the road.

Want to make a booking? Read through our Incursion workshop criteria to be sure the school can meet our needs, and then email the booking form, or call the program manager on 03-9533-0955



Courage to Care mounts three or four full Exhibition Programs in Victoria each year, offering free educational workshops to students over a period of two weeks from a central exhibition space, usually a school or community facility.

We aim to operate on a four-year cycle in our regional travels to allow all Victorian schools to access our program.

Workshops are offered to school at no cost. Bus subsidies may be available to schools where financial hardship may be an obstacle to student participation in our exhibition programs.

Want to see where our exhibition program will be in future? Check our schedule
Or you can email the office, or call the program manager on (03) 9533-0955



To successfully host the Courage to Care Exhibition Program, a school needs to provide the physical space for both the installation and for the educational workshop program. 

Schools have hosted the program in sports halls, auditoriums, libraries, and in adjoined large classrooms, so we can be very flexible as long as there is adequate space for all elements of the program.

Exhibition programs are usually hosted for a two week period and the host school is given priority in booking student workshops. Many host schools choose to include the whole school cohort in the program, making for the most powerful impact for their students.