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Advocate inclusive teams and workplaces

Our Upstander Programs are the ideal way to cultivate cohesion, advocate respectful relationships and optimise morale. Available for groups of all sizes, our workplace training will promote equality and diversity in your team.


Everyone can benefit from our Upstander programs

Sadly, discrimination, racism and hate speech is still prevalent across many organisations. Focused on transforming bystander behaviour into Upstander action, our program is all about equality, respect and diversity. By extension, we also work to combat racism, prejudice, discrimination, bullying and harassment.

So whether you’re part of a large corporation, a government agency or local sporting club, every type of organisation will benefit from undertaking our Upstander Program.

Get your team on board today to promote Upstander behaviour within your workplace and our wider community.


Tailored, professional and transformative workshops

Customised to your organisation

We will work with your team to deliver a tailored message addressing issues of racism, prejudice, discrimination, harassment and bullying. Using historical and contemporary examples, we explore the dangers of bystander behaviour.

A survivor’s testimony

The program is delivered by trained and passionate volunteers. A guest speaker will detail their own experience of being persecuted and the importance of the Upstanders who acted to intervene.

These personal stories highlight the importance of having the courage to care.

Discover what it means to be an Upstander

Introduce the concept of Upstander action to your team. They’ll get the tools they need to employ this behaviour in their daily lives, and a framework you can tailor for Upstander support in your workplace.

An Employee Assistance Program tailored to your organisation

Delivered as a two- to three-hour tailored session, your team will enjoy lecture-style communications and collaborative group interactions.

Our Upstander Programs for Workplaces & Groups are a fee-based Social Enterprise. As a not-for-profit organisation, this allows us to fund the delivery of our Upstander Program to Victorian schools free of charge.

Operating Victoria-wide, we’ll deliver our program at a location that’s convenient for you (provided that audio, video and projector facilities are available). Alternatively, we can accommodate your team at our office in Caulfield.

As fees vary based on the size of your program, location and other factors, please contact us for a tailored quote

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