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Transforming bystander behaviour
into Upstander action

Delivered by our team of trained and experienced volunteers, our Upstander Programs promote acceptance of diversity, transform bystander behaviour and inspire participants to become Upstanders in their own communities. They feature inspiring testimony from Holocaust survivors and stories of survivors of other genocides who were saved by the courage of others.


Our Upstander Programs: learn, advocate and transform


Learn about the dangers of racism, prejudice, discrimination and bullying.


Advocate acceptance and inclusion within our society.


Transform bystander behaviour into Upstander action.

Our Upstander Programs offer practical tools to stand up against racism, bullying and prejudice, and empower participants to take positive action – in the schoolyard, workplace, and our communities.


For students in
years 8-12


For students in
years 5-7


For organisations, sports clubs and teams


For teachers of primary and
secondary school students

Some results of our Upstander Programs

41 %

increase in positive discussion among students

86 %

increase in students demonstrating Upstander behaviour

36 %

positive change in behaviour towards peers

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