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Last year we celebrated 30 years of impact – reaching more than 150,000 students across Victoria. A bold step towards our mission to create a generation of Upstanders.

But our work is far from done – recent research from the Scanlon Institute found that 68% of Australians hold negative feelings or attitudes towards one or more religious or non-European immigrant groups.

So what can we do to change this?

At Courage to Care, we know the answer is education. But we also know we need to move fast.

To double the number of students we reach in the next few years, we need to raise an ambitious $100,000.

A group of generous donors have offered to match all donations. Dollar for dollar.

Donate today to help us stamp out racism, bullying and prejudice. 

With your generosity – and our donors’ dollar-matching commitment – we’ll be one step closer to creating a generation of Upstanders. A future we all want – and need.


Your support keeps us going

We’ve delivered our Upstander Program to more than 150,000 students across Victoria at no cost to schools. And it’s all thanks to the support of our wonderful community.

Every little bit counts

Whether financial, moral or in-kind, the help of our supporters is what keeps us going. It’s what ensures the legacy of Holocaust survivors and the acts of the Righteous Among the Nations lives on. And it’s what helps promote Upstander behaviour within our own communities.

Each and every donation helps us to:

  • Develop and distribute high-quality educational materials to teachers and students
  • Continually innovate and improve our Upstander Programs
  • Recruit, train and support our hardworking volunteers
  • Bring Upstander Programs to regional and rural locations
  • Transport regional students to our exhibitions
  • Ensure we have a strong governance framework

We continue to strive for more

To continue delivering our mission, we welcome your support. By giving now, you can help us spread the message of acceptance and action, well into the future.

Find out more about how you can support our work below, or make a donation today. 

We have delivered Upstander Programs to more than 150,000 students across Victoria.

Together we can make racism and discrimination a thing of the past.

Donate today and DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT. 

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