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We offer training, ongoing learning, and upskilling opportunities to help you to succeed.

Our aim is for you to feel competent, confident and supported as a member of our volunteer team.
Participating in the training has no strings attached – if it doesn’t feel right you can change your mind.

Online training modules and refreshers

Courage to Care volunteers can access our learning site HERE . If you have not been registered on our learning site by Lisa or Zoi, please let us know and we will expedite. The learning site does not accept self-registrations.

In-person training workshops

Scroll down for information on all scheduled dates. Bookings are essential. Registered participants will be notified of any cancellations.

Book with Zoi HERE and contact her with any questions.

All our training offerings in one list!


Start here: mandatory for all volunteers

Training for program delivery:



SYP4 – workshop for SYP delivery (3 hrs)
Tue 27 Feb 1pm
Tue 16 Apr 1pm
Wed 10 Jul 1pm


MYP4  – workshop for MYP delivery (3 hrs)
Tue 12 Mar 10am
Thu 20 Jun 1pm
Tue 17 Sep 10am
Thu 5 Dec 1pm



FD2 – classroom management (2 hrs)
Thu 28 Mar 10am
Thu 27 Jun 10am
Thu 21 Nov 1pm


FD3 – peer sharing and Q&A (45 mins on Zoom)
Tue 20 Feb 10am
Thu 14 Mar 10am
Tue 14 May 3pm
Wed 3 Jul 1pm
Mon 23 Sep 3pm
Tue 19 Nov 10am



MT3 – Buddy debrief and sharing (1 hr on zoom)
Tue 2 Apr 11am


MT4 – feedback skills and communication for mentors (2 hrs)
Wed 5 Jun 10am


TL1 – leadership and team logistics (1 hr on zoom)
Tue 9 Apr 10am



EQ1 and EQ2 are mandatory for all trainees, and are also available for accredited facilitators to refresh skills.

You can practice as often as you need, using the program equipment in the office space.

Call to schedule a time when the space is available.


EQ1 – Equipment familiarisation (1hr)
Familiarise yourself with setting up the equipment and using the digital presentation.

A trainer will be available but this is your own practice!

EQ1 involves a final quiz.

EQ2 – (2 hrs)
Practice a complete dry-run of your facilitation.

You can arrange to bring a peer to discuss or act as audience.

Trainees complete EQ2 with their buddies before being rostered for supported facilitation.

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