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Courage to Care has teamed up with
Together we’ve developed six digital lessons designed for years 9 & 10 students


Based on our face-to-face Upstander Programs, the Australian based curriculum lessons are available teachers and students free of charge.

The free, online resources will equip teachers to tackle issues of racism, discrimination, antisemitism and stereotyping, whilst also giving students the tools to stand up and take action against hate speech in their schools and communities.

Across these six lessons, students will:

    • Explore the Pyramid of Hate—a hierarchical diagram of how discrimination escalates—to understand how stereotyping can escalate to prejudice, discrimination and extreme acts of violence.
    • Understand its impact on self, other individuals and society.
    • Learn about the bystander effect and consider the reasons for inaction.
    • Be supported to challenge the norm and consider the role of Upstanders, interrogating how the dynamic between perpetrator and victim is altered through Upstander action.
    • Be supported to become Upstanders in their communities, becoming aware of their potential to make a positive difference.
    • Be given practical tools and strategies to support them in taking positive action in standing up against bullying and prejudice
    • Explore various important and inspirational examples of Upstander behaviour throughout history.
    • Culminate their learning by designing and developing an Upstander activity that supports a group within their community.



Who are Cool.Org?

Their real-world, curriculum-aligned teaching resources equip teachers to teach the stuff that matters, creating better outcomes for humanity.

The goal? To turn a passion for equitable, real-world education into tangible global impact.

Since 2008, over 175,000 educators across the globe have signed-up to download and teach with teaching resources in their classrooms. The result? Better student engagement and a greater understanding of critical environmental and social issues. is the evolution of a simple, yet important idea; that our educators, and our kids, deserve the best.

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