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Recently, with the lifting of travel restrictions, Mike Zervos, CEO Victoria visited the Holocaust Institute of Western Australia (HIWA) to discuss the activity and growth of Courage to Care in the West.

To spread the impact wider, Courage to Care Victoria shared its Upstander educational program in the West a number of years ago while Courage to Care NSW supports Queensland.

There are exciting times ahead for HIWA with the development of a new Holocaust Education Centre, planned to be opened by April 2025.  Meanwhile, HIWA continues to deliver a variety of educational workshops for different target audiences.

These engaging workshops give history a voice, bringing it to life so as to intricately intertwine the lessons of the Holocaust with our social responsibilities today.

HIWA also delivers the Courage to Care program into schools so students can have the same Upstander education experience just like other States.

“I was delighted to visit schools with the Courage to Care team and see first-hand the delivery of our programs in Perth. To watch students learn important lessons from the Holocaust and embrace the concept of positive action as an Upstander was wonderful. We have so much in common across Australia, our programs have impact and we know with more volunteers and donations we can reach even more students.” Said Mike.

The team in the West. Yael Jacobson, Mike Zervos (visiting from Vic), Vivienne Levin, Judith Lawrence and HIWA Chair Sol Majteles.



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