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On Friday 2nd September Courage to Care Volunteers gathered for a fascinating morning tea where they were privileged to hear from guest speaker, author Liza Weimer.

Liza’s novel  The Assignment explores discrimination and antisemitism and reveals their dangerous impact. When an assignment given by a favourite teacher instructs a group of students to argue for the Final Solution, a euphemism used to describe the Nazi plan for the genocide of the Jewish people, Logan March and Cade Crawford are horrified. Their teacher cannot seriously expect anyone to complete an assignment that fuels intolerance and discrimination. Logan and Cade decide they must take a stand and in doing so become Upstanders in their own community. The book is based on a real incident and our volunteers were shocked to hear that these sorts of assignments are still being widely used in education systems all over the world.

Our volunteers were able to purchase the book at the event and have them signed by Liza. A riveting and powerful morning. Thank you Liza!

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