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The Australian Jewish community has been a vital part of Australia’s diverse cultural landscape for over 200 years, making significant contributions across business, the arts, medicine, and public service. Their involvement over decades has played a crucial role in shaping the nation’s values of multiculturalism and inclusivity. Through active societal engagement and fostering intercultural dialogue, Jewish communities have been instrumental in defining Australia’s identity as a tolerant and dynamic democracy.

However, since October 7, there has been a concerning rise in antisemitic incidents throughout Australia. Across the country, there have been a staggering number of reports which detail offensive language, harassment, threats and appalling vandalism at significant landmarks across Australia. The rise of antisemitism in Australia has been described by the Sydney Morning Herald as “off the charts”, while The Australian has reported a 482% rise in antisemitic incidents. 

In response to these developments, there has been a call to action from leaders across various sectors in Australia, reaffirming their commitment to fighting racism in all its forms and supporting the Jewish community. This collective stance underscores the importance of standing together and upholding the principles of respect and dignity for all, which are central to the Australian way of life.

We are leaders from diverse industries and professions across Australia. We cherish the Australian way of life; one which celebrates acceptance, cultural diversity and the values of a modern tolerant democracy.

Over the last seven weeks, a 482% rise in antisemitic incidents has swept Australia’s shores. We have been alarmed at the offensive language, vandalism and harassment occurring on our streets, university campuses and outside public Australian landmarks including the Sydney Opera House, Flinders Street Station and Parliament.

We are unequivocal in our resolve that racism in all its forms is deplorable and abhorrent.

Whether directed towards Jewish Australians, Muslim Australians, Asian Australians, Indigenous Australians or any other minority, we will not tolerate such conduct in our workplaces and firmly reject it in our communities.

To our Jewish employees, business partners, customers and all who are affected, we acknowledge the heightened feelings of threat being felt by your community right now and affirm your right to physical and psychological safety.

All Australians are entitled to be treated with respect, free from offensive, hostile and intimidating behaviour. We stand against antisemitism, Islamophobia and any form of racism in our workplaces, hiring practices and business dealings.

Together, we are united in our support of an Australia where all citizens are treated with respect, inclusivity and dignity.




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