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Opportunities open to all volunteers

Deepen your understanding of the core concepts, improve your skills, and participate in stimulating discussions with peers on subjects of mutual interest.

Some sessions, such as Courage to Care Conversations, are informal with an emphasis on social interaction; you may want your thinking cap for the thought-provoking units.

Core Concepts

Online module, approx 1 hr to complete in your own time

Fundamentals of bystander behaviour, social influence, the development of bias, and upstander tools. This module also covers Courage to Care preferred vocabulary.

Complete a self-test quiz at the end.


To delve deeper into these subject areas, consider completing modules PD1 – Understanding Bystander Behaviour and PD2 – Development of Bias

Facilitation Skills 

Intensive interactive workshop, approx 3 hrs

A very practical, fully interactional small group practice. A preparatory online module must be completed prior to the workshop.


PD1 – Understanding Bystander  behaviour

Online module, approx 6 hours to complete in your own time and pace

Examine the factors that contribute to bystander behaviour, and then look at  approaches to overcoming these to transform bystander to upstander behaviour. Concepts drawn from neuroscience and social psychology.

Complete a quiz at the end to test your own understanding.

Coming soon!

PD2 – The development of bias

Online module, approx 2 hours to complete in your own time and pace

Track how bias begins from the unconscious absorption of stereotypes via social influence, through to discrimination and the violence that can result.

Complete a quiz at the end to test your own understanding.

Coming soon!

EQ – Equipment facilitation and practice

These sessions are not scheduled; book by requesting a date of your choice for a one to two hour session

Open to both experienced and new facilitators to use our equipment on your own to practice your facilitation.

A trainer will be available to answer questions, but this is your own practice!

You can arrange to bring a fellow team member to discuss or act as audience if you wish.

Courage to Care Conversations

Ongoing series of live events with an informal educational focus, approx 2 hours.

Combine a social opportunity to strengthen connections within our volunteer family with an ongoing learning approach to engaging with the Courage to Care mission and messages so we feel uplifted, more informed and better equipped to speak on our issues.

Conversations convene on the third Friday of each month.

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