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Third Friday of the month, 10.30am-12.30pm


Courage to Care multipurpose space.


All Courage to Care volunteers are welcome


This ongoing series of live events on the third Friday of each month combines a social opportunity to strengthen connections within our volunteer family with an ongoing learning approach to engaging with the Courage to Care mission and messages. Join a diverse group of interesting people in conversation and feel uplifted, more informed and better equipped to speak on our issues. You’ll get the most out of the Conversations if you read some of the background reading in advance, but that is optional – you can join the discussion without any preparation.

All volunteers are welcome! Refreshments will be available.

Conversation topics coming up


  • 21 April: Topic to be confirmed
  • 12 May:  note this is SECOND Friday of the month
  • 16 June: Topic to be confirmed
  • 21 July: Topic to be confirmed
  • 18 August: Topic to be confirmed
  • 15 September: Topic to be confirmed
  • 20 October: Topic to be confirmed
  • 17 November: Topic to be confirmed
JOIN THE TEAM:  If you would like to help coordinate and plan future Conversations, please contact Zoi (program manager).

Want to revisit previous Conversation topics?

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