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Downloadable resources for MYP delivery teams

All resources are updated regularly to reflect changes in the program and in administrative requirements.
Always check the date on the document and compare to any material you have previously downloaded to ensure that your information is current.

Click on the link to view and/or download the required document.  Please contact the office if you have any difficulties.

MYP workshop key resources

MYP slide list (27 Jan 2024)

MYP all slides pdf (27 Jan 2024)

MYP script (27 Jan 2024)

MYP outline (Nov 2022)


Presentation supplements

Upstander stickers (28 Apr 2022 update)

Upstander Handbook (11 Apr 2023 update)


Videos used in MYP program

Holocaust documentary

Racism stops with me wrap up

Celina Rose speaker testimony

Tuvia Lipson speaker testimony

Regina Lipshut speaker testimony

Gilah Leder speaker testimony

Peter Gaspar speaker testimony

Background and support material

Equipment set up instructions (29 Nov 2022)

Responding to difficult issues (Nov 2023

Checklists and reports

Checklist for MYP facilitators (Jan 2023)

PMI self-assessment grid (20 Jan 2023)

MYP incursion report  (Apr 2022)


For Buddies, Lead Facilitators and Trainees

Training milestones for Trainees (as of 23 Feb 2023)

Mentoring process summary for Buddies (as of 23 Feb 2023)

Lead Facilitator checklist (23 Feb 2023)

MYP Trainee Feedback Grid (23 Feb 2023)

PMI Grid (20 Jan 2023)

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