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When Allan met Kay…

What happens when a man who runs a boutique media agency, volunteers on a community organisation’s committee that is chaired by the daughter of a Holocaust Survivor?

This is the story of Allan and Kay. A story not only of mutual respect, but also a story of how these two people have helped each other grow, and ultimately grown the good work of the organisation they both volunteer for – Courage to Care Victoria. This not-for-profit organisation seeks to turn-around discrimination and racism by empowering individuals to become Upstanders.

Allan has volunteered with Courage to Care’s Marketing and Fundraising Sub-Committee for five years and Kay has volunteered with the same organisation in a variety of roles for 15 years. She is currently the chairperson of the Marketing and Fundraising Sub-Committee.

What Allan says about Kay…

“Kay is my mentor and a great role model for younger generations who want to work in charities. She has taught me the power of ‘chutzpah’.

“Kay is the chairperson for the Marketing and Fundraising committee but she is also the first person to roll up her sleeves and do the work. If we are running an event and need a sponsor, Kay will call everyone she knows until she secures one. For one event, she convinced a winemaker to donate wine. She taught me the power of asking to make things happen.

“In spite of Kay’s family life being affected by the Holocaust, she is always upbeat and smiling. I admire Kay’s positive attitude and her generosity of spirit. She is prepared to work, often on unpopular tasks, for the good of Courage to Care. She is not paid for this and seeks nothing in return.

“Kay is confident in projecting her decisions without fear of being judged. She often kick-starts a conversation by boldly throwing her ideas into the ring. A large part of the reason our Sub-Committee gets things done is because Kay is decisive and not a fence-sitter – she’s not afraid to provide honest feedback.

“I like that Kay is ‘black and white’ on certain issues. Sometimes it’s her many years of experience speaking and sometimes it is her process. Either way, if we can’t make up our minds, she has made up hers!”

What Kay says about Allan…

“Allan is a quiet achiever. He has taught me the art of listening. I’m quite impulsive. If I have a thought, I like to share it immediately.  Allan has taught me the value of thinking about what I say, and being more considered, rather than just speaking.

“Allan has this zest for life. His positivity impresses me. When you bring positive energy to any committee it brings positive outcomes. Allan is a forward thinker – he has the foresight to create the next generation of volunteers at Courage to Care. I really admire that Allan introduced his son Jacob to Courage to Care as a volunteer.

“Allan has some amazing friends and business connections that he has generously shared with the Committee to help Courage to Care. He is a talented photographer and often photographs various Courage to Care events, including incursions.

“In a strange coincidence, I worked out that my late husband Joe was friends with Allan’s father – also called Joe. I was very touched and affected emotionally when I realised this. It brought back wonderful memories of my late husband as I could see similarities between him and Allan’s dad – both charming and life-loving.

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At Courage to Care, our volunteers are our lifeblood. With a passion for creating an inclusive society, our volunteers are the driving force behind our ability to action real change. We simply couldn’t do it without them.

Our volunteers have delivered Upstander Programs to more than 150,000 participants. Working with students and the wider community, they empower others to stand up and take positive action. It’s with their unwavering commitment that we can transform bystander behaviour into Upstander action.

Did you know that we have 160 volunteers who work directly with students delivering our Upstander Programs across Victoria? We have ambitious plans to reach more schools in 2023 and beyond and are actively seeking new volunteers who are passionate about education and making a difference.


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