Courage to Care

A not for profit  travelling education program that transforms bystander behaviour by using the Holocaust as a medium to explore racism, prejudice, discrimination and bullying, and to highlight the acts of Upstanders, the ‘Righteous Among the Nations’ (those men and women who risked their own lives to save others) and the heroes of other genocides whose courage saved lives.

By highlighting the importance of standing up to bullying and prejudice whenever it occurs, Courage to Care empowers and inspires participants to take positive action, to be Upstanders rather than bystanders to discrimination in all forms, from the school yard to the workplace. Courage to Care offers workshops for schools, community groups and workplaces.

The Program is wholly delivered by volunteers. Find Out More »

Latest News

The ultimate, deadly consequences of hate speech

We declare our absolute abhorrence for the shocking massacre in Christchurch, we grieve with the families of those whose lives were violently stolen, and we utterly reject and condemn the terrorist who committed this crime. Again, the most dangerous consequence of prejudice has reared its ugly head and revealed itself.  With complete disregard as to whether the victims were men or women, old or young, able-bodied or disabled, these perpetrators have very consciously planned to murder a group targeted because of their religious faith. Beyond this perpetrator, those who fuel racism and hatred through malicious speech or tolerate racist political arguments,  are also culpable - not only for these worst of consequences but also for the fear, insecurity and distress caused to the victims of hate and to our community as a whole. At Courage to Care, we believe the most powerful counter to such evil is to educate the community, in particular, the younger generation, of the dangers of prejudice, discrimination, stereotyping and racism. We challenge them to be ‘upstanders’ rather Find Out More »

We can’t just ignore hate

The recent rally by white supremacists on St Kilda beach shocked many Australians. Courage to Care urges that Australians respond not just by putting pen to paper or demonstrating in protest, but by emphasising education about racism, prejudice and discrimination, and the power of standing up against such hateful human traits. Opinion piece published in the Herald Sun 20 January 2019 Find Out More »