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When: Second Friday bi-monthly, 10.30am-12.30pm
Where: Courage to Care multipurpose space.

All Courage to Care members and friends are welcome

Join a diverse group of interesting people in conversation over coffee and nibbles and feel stimulated and informed. Come occasionally or become a regular – there’s no pressure at this casual and enjoyable morning of discussion.
All Courage to Care members and friends are welcome.


Friday 10 May 2024, 10:30am – 12:30pm

“Weird, rude or different? Offending across cultures”  As working across cultures becomes increasingly common, the risk of intercultural misunderstandings also grows. Are we misreading the students in our workshops?

Watch/Listen/Read: Ten rude things  |  Do’s and don’ts of eye contact   |  Understanding Aboriginal etiquette  |  The Indian head waggle   |   The beckoning finger  |  How to be polite in 15 different countries  | 10 lessons in etiquette  |  Business etiquette   | How close is too close?High-context vs low-context cultures  |  How we understand culture  |  Emotional expression across cultures   |   First person story  |

You don’t have to review all the material! But you’ll get the most out of the Conversation if you review just one or two resources in advance. If you haven’t had time to prepare, come along anyway! All ideas and reflections are welcome.

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