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B’nai B’rith Courage to Care Victoria is celebrating 30 years of providing Upstander education to students across Victoria, and we are marking this milestone with a very special two-week event.

30 years on, and our message is needed now more than ever. A series of special events will welcome, educate and engage all members of the community.

We would love you to join us…

Guided tour of the Courage to Care Exhibition

Interactive exhibition using lessons from history to demonstrate how families, communities, diplomats and individuals can all stand up to discrimination and be Upstanders.

Using artefacts and interactive technology to bring the Upstander message to life, our passionate and talented volunteers will provide educational and empowering guided tours, welcoming all members of the community.

Free and open to the public – anyone who wants to learn about Upstanders throughout history. Book online 

Community Upstander Program 

Upstander Programs delivered via a structured interactive workshop to any members of the community who want to learn to be Upstanders against racism and discrimination in their communities. Delivered by our team of trained and experienced volunteers, participants will gain in-depth understanding and come away with practical tools. Of particular interest to those working in aligned areas of education and behaviour change. Note numbers are strictly limited.

Free and open to the public – with a particular focus on community leaders. Book online 

Join us as we look to the future and create communities

free from racism, discrimination and prejudice.



With thanks to our generous partners and supporters for helping us to bring this special event to life.

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