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We are seeing confronting and heart breaking scenes coming out of Ukraine and many of us want to know how to help. At Courage to Care we encourage everyone to consider their own actions and demonstrate Upstander behaviour. We are seeing many examples of such behaviour through the bravery of the Ukrainian leadership and people. We are also supporting the bravery of the peace loving citizens of Russia.

We encourage you to do you own research but if it’s helpful listed below are some suggestions for organisations accepting donations.

In our own case, we have reached out to a colleague in Russia. This unusual connection came about through the generosity of the community allowing us access to Catchafire a global network of volunteers, non-profits, and funders working together to lift up communities. We had skilled volunteering input on a project from a volunteer in Moscow in late 2021.

Here’s our email exchange with Moscow. To protect them we will call them Dee and we have their permission to share this.

Dee, All of us in Australia support the peace loving people of Russia and abhor violence and acts of war. Is there anything we can do to support you?

Hi Mike, thank you for your message.

Like many Russians here, I’m horrified by this war. Our values and free will have been abused by the government. But we’re doing everything we can to stop it. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do. Thousands of Russians go to jail because of their protests against the war. But people are still taking to the streets, signing open letters to the government, and trying to help their friends and relatives in Ukraine.

Hopefully, this will end soon. Dee.

Let’s continue to support Ukraine and decent people like Dee.

Organisations accepting Donations

The Ukraine Crisis Appeal:  The Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations – the national peak body for 24 Ukrainian Australian community organisations – encourages people to donate to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal. It is in collaboration with Caritas Ukraine and Rotary Australia World Community Service.

Caritas Australia: All funds raised through Caritas Australia’s Ukraine Appeal will go to Caritas Ukraine, who have been working in response to the conflict in Ukraine since 2014.

They are currently on the ground providing vital emergency support, including food, hygiene kits, clean water and emergency shelter to displaced families.

UNICEF: Children’s aid organisation UNICEF has teams on the ground in Ukraine and said its trucking in safe water to conflict-affected areas and getting emergency health, hygiene and education supplies as close as possible to line of contact.

It’s also working with local municipalities to get immediate help to children and families in need and has mobile to provide psychological care to children experiencing trauma.

The Red Cross: The Australian Red Cross has launched an appeal to deliver humanitarian aid. Funds will go to Red Cross teams on the ground, specialist aid workers to assist local teams, emergency relief assistance like shelter and water, and longer term recovery support.

They are also helping people restore contact with family members separated by the crisis.

Australia for UNHCR: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, a UN agency, is providing lifesaving relief to the rising number of people who have been forcibly displaced in Ukraine and those who have fled to neighbouring countries.

Australia for UNHCR is the national fundraising partner and it has an emergency fundraising campaign specifically for Ukraine.

Voices for the Children: Founded in Ukraine, Voices for the Children provides psychological and psychosocial support to children affected by conflict.

B’nai B’rith Working with the Jewish Community Council of Victoria and also the ECAJ to help facilitate an appeal in Australia.

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