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CEO Mike Zervos was delighted to accept this donation on behalf of Courage to Care from Community Bank Caulfield Park. This is a fine example of how if we all work together everybody benefits. This is just one part of the great support we get from our local community bank. Thanks to Hannah Downes and the team for their continued support.

We do not solicit business for the bank but invite you and your family to check what is on offer. Our personal contact is Hannah Downes so let her know you are part of Courage to Care if you make contact, on 9525 9899 or

What is a Community Bank?

A Community Bank invests in its community to support and enhance the lives of people.

Community Bank Caulfield Park is proud to reinvest up to 80% of its profits annually into supporting organisations within Caulfield and surrounding areas. Since inception in 2004 Community Bank Caulfield Park has reinvested over 2.1 million into the local community.

Community Banking provides a way for customers to make a real difference. They provide customers with the products and services they need, and with the support of Customer Banking we can collectively make a difference in the community.

How could banking with Community Bank Caulfield Park benefit Courage to Care?

The Community Banking Model provides individuals, businesses and organisations, the opportunity to nominate which organisation the profit from their banking is directed to. Profits are reinvested from products such as Home Loans, Business Loans, Transactional Accounts, Credit Cards, Term Deposits, and Insurance Products.

We are pleased that Community Bank Caulfield Park is continuing its support as a donor and is offering attractive rates to our volunteers and their families. Interesting to note that around half of their new loans are to people refinancing to cheaper rates, so it’s not just for new home buyers.

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