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All our training offerings in one list!

For details of all the training modules, you’ll need to look at the various Pathways, but if you know what you’re looking for  you can access it directly from here.

Foundation training  (CLICK here for information)

  • Introduction to Courage to Care  (in  person)
  • Safety Protocols  (online)
  • Core Concepts and Vocabulary (online)

Program delivery

  • SYP1 – Secondary Years Program Fundamentals (online)
  • MYP1 – Middle Years Program Fundamentals (online)
  • FD1 – Facilitation skills (online)
  • EQ1 – Equipment familiarisation  (in  person)
  • EQ2 – Practice dry-run on equipment with a peer  (in person)

Senior roles (CLICK here for more information)

  • MT1 – Lead Facilitator training (online)
  • MT2 – Buddy training (online)
  • MT3 – Buddy informal peer debrief (zoom)
    • CLICK here to book
  • MT4 – Giving constructive feedback (in person or zoom)
    • CLICK here to book

Ongoing learning and facilitation development (CLICK here for more information)

  • FD2 – Facilitation skills (workshop)
  • FD3 – Classroom management (online + workshop)
    • CLICK here to enrol for online module
    • CLICK here to book for follow up workshop
  • FD4 – Inclusive facilitation (online + workshop)
    • coming soon
  • FD5 Understanding bystander behaviour (online)
    • coming soon
  • FD6 – Development of bias (online)
    • coming soon
  • EQ2 – Practice presentation on equipment with a peer  (in person)
  • Peer-to-Peer feedback and discussion (in person)
    • CLICK here to book
  • C2C Conversations (in person) Does not count towards annual reaccreditation
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