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The Secondary Years Program delivery training includes a combination of online modules, practical face-to-face workshops with trainers, personal learning with mentors, and on-the-ground supervised practice at schools.

Complete the mandatory Foundation training first and then:

  1. Complete the SYP1 online module and quiz
  2. Observe a student workshop, a reality check to see if it’s really for you
    If you decide to proceed, you will now be assigned a Buddy to help you through the whole process
  3. EQ – Get to know the equipment or come in with your Buddy to practice
  4. Observe two (or more) additional student workshops to hone your skills by watching how others do it
  5. Facilitate under supervision at least twice to finesse your facilitation plan
  6. Submit facilitation plan for the last step in your accreditation!

When you’re ready, continue with our Ongoing Learning modules, which include equipment practice and deepening understanding of core themes.

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Observe a school workshop

Trainees observe school workshops at specific stages in their training.

On commencing, observe as a reality check: is this really something you want to do?

Later, you observe lead facilitators (at least twice) to study how they do it.

Finally, you facilitate a student group (at least twice) supervised by a lead facilitator to demonstrate your competence.

Check the roster and nominate which school bookings you are available to attend.



SYP1 – Fundamentals for the delivery of the Secondary Years Program 

Online module, approx 1.5 hr to complete in your own time

Module covers program overview, equipment and resources, team roles, administrative requirements, and logistics.


EQ – Equipment familiarisation and practice

You can book a one-hour session to familiarise you with the equipment you’ll be using to present the program. A trainer will be available for assistance.

Or, you can book a longer session if you’d like to bring in a buddy or another facilitator to practice or workshop your facilitation using the equipment.


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