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Program delivery team members are expected to participate in annual re-accreditation

The Courage to Care Upstander programs continue to evolve. To ensure that volunteers active in program delivery are kept current with innovations, and to encourage each person in ongoing learning and upskilling, we ask all experienced volunteers to complete these mandatory units annually.

If you have questions or need support please email  and we’ll call you as soon as possible.

Annual refresher:  catch up with changes

Online module, approx 1 hr to complete in your own time

Mandatory for all volunteers.

Complete the MYP1 or SYP1 (yes, the same modules offered to new trainees!)

These self-guided online modules offer an overview of program structures and catch you up with any changes introduced during the previous year.


Also consider revising the Ongoing Learning modules. We update them to keep up with new research so you may well learn something new.

Safety protocols

Online module, approx 1 hr to complete in your own time

Mandatory for all volunteers and must be repeated annually to meet Department of Education requirements.

This self-guided online module covers our child safety and volunteer protocols and elementary first aid guidelines.

Complete a self-test quiz at the end.

MYP1 or SYP1 refresher: fundamentals for program delivery

Online modules, each take approx 1.5 hr to complete in your own time

Modules covers program overview, equipment and resources, team roles, administrative requirements, and logistics

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