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Courage to Care is pleased to be part of the Antisemitism in Education Consultative Group that meets regularly with senior members of the Department of Education and other like-minded education organisations. Our aim is to discuss antisemitism in schools and the measures to combat and prevent antisemitism. Please see the full statement below showing the members and the invitation to make direct contact with the Department. Of course, Mike the Courage to Care representative would be happy to receive your direct feedback via

Statement from the Department of Education below:

Collaboration with the Department of Education

The Victorian Department of Education convenes a regular meeting with a number of Jewish community organisations involved in education.

The department greatly values these meetings as an opportunity to discuss our ongoing work to build students’ understanding of different cultures in Victoria and ongoing efforts to address antisemitism. The meetings ensure this work is informed by the knowledge and experience of the community organisations.

The meetings also provide an opportunity for community organisations to provide feedback to the department about the reach and impact of programs. This has resulted in the development of a new resource that provides easy access to information about all the programs and resources available to schools to promote multicultural inclusion and address antisemitism and other forms of racism.

The department is also working with the community organisations to make it easier for government schools to access education programs at the Jewish Museum of Australia and the Melbourne Holocaust Museum.

The department encourages members of the Jewish community to contact either of us directly or any of the groups listed below to provide any feedback or to identify any issues you would like raised.

Stephen Fraser

Deputy Secretary

School Education Programs and Support

David Howes

Deputy Secretary

Schools and Regional Services

Community organisations involved:

  • Jewish Community Council of Victoria
  • United Jewish Education Board
  • Courage to Care
  • Jewish Museum of Australia
  • Melbourne Holocaust Museum
  • ARK Centre
  • Australasian Union of Jewish Students
  • Gandel Foundation


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