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Our volunteers are our lifeblood

Right from inception, Courage to Care has been delivered by a team of passionate, dedicated volunteers.
We simply couldn’t do what we do without them.

From schools to workplaces, our volunteers create real change

Our Upstander Programs are delivered exclusively by volunteers.

Using the historical reference of the Holocaust as a case study of the worst possible consequences of unfettered discrimination, and taking inspiration from the extraordinary acts of ordinary people who intervened to save others, we inspire participants to become Upstanders in the face of injustice.

Volunteers act as facilitators, presenters, coordinators, and in numerous other roles. Our survivor speakers – Holocaust survivors or custodians of their stories – share their inspiring personal testimony on the ways in which their rescuers showed the courage to care.

A common belief brings us together

Our volunteers are men and women from a range of backgrounds, age groups and beliefs but they all have a common purpose – to make justice, inclusion and kindness central to our way of life.

How? By advocating Upstander behaviour.

An opportunity for everyone

We welcome volunteers from all walks of life with a passion to make a positive difference.

Along with ongoing training, volunteers have the opportunity to work with a team of dedicated, skilled and passionate people and build on personal strengths – while developing new professional skills and friendships.

All volunteers are expected to commit to and abide by our Code of Conduct and key messages as well as have a current Working with Children Check.

Our volunteer opportunities span a range of areas, including:

    • Classroom program delivery
    • Liaison with schools
    • Administration
    • Marketing and events
    • Fundraising

We are always on the lookout for new volunteers to join our team. To discover how you can help motivate others to become Upstanders in the community, find out more about our volunteering with us!

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