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To extend the learning for your students, we offer a variety of additional experiences and resources.
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These resources are offered at no cost for school use. Donations are always gratefully received.

A three-hour program for teachers across all subject and teaching areas, with participatory activities and group work. Our teacher Professional Learning program (TPL) is a fee-for-service offering.

The TPL program will familiarise you with all the elements of the Upstander program your students experience and equip you to support your students in positive culture change.

The Gandel Holocaust Studies Program for Australian Educators is a professional development program in Israel aimed at training a cadre of expert Holocaust educators who are active throughout Australia.

Comprising lectures, group discussions, films and field excursions, the program includes pedagogic workshops for middle and/or high school teachers. Study grants cover all costs for the 18-day intensive program in Israel.

Innovative educational experiences for primary and secondary school students that illuminate Jewish life and history, covering diversity and identity, immigration, civics and citizenship, religion and society and intercultural capabilities.

A wide range of educational packages for schools that include presentations, guided tours and interactive activities that range from games and dress-ups for younger students to curriculum-aligned packages for older students that cover Islamic faith, art and architecture, Australian Muslim history and contribution.

For a history-focused experience, consider an excursion to Melbourne Holocaust Museum, Australia’s largest institution solely dedicated to Holocaust education, research and remembrance.

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