Our Vision


The vision of Courage to Care

Courage to Care aims to inform and educate about the dangers of prejudice, racism and discrimination.
We do this by:

  • educating Victorians, in particular students, towards an understanding of the roles of the victim, perpetrator, and bystander by exposing them to the stories of survivors of the Holocaust and other genocides, and their rescuers.
  • empowering individuals, through “Transforming Bystander Behaviour” programs, to have the courage to combat bullying, racism and other forms of prejudice by being UPSTANDERS not BYSTANDERS.


How we work towards our vision

School Program
The Courage to Care exhibition and educational program travels throughout the state of Victoria to make the program available to Victorian students. We mount 3-4 major exhibition programs each year, and aim to ensure that each Victorian student has access to the program at least once every four years.

The exhibition program is often hosted by schools in the regions we visit. Occasionally, when appropriate facilities are not available at a school, we find community venues such as local council art centres. If you are interested in bringing the Courage to Care school program to your region, contact us.

Workplace Program

Courage to Care delivers fee-for-service “Transforming Bystander Behaviour” workshops to corporate entities, clubs and organisations of all sizes. We work intensively with you to tailor the program for your workforce and organisational culture, to create a program that delivers real and positive cultural change and a safer workplace for all.

To discuss what Courage to Care can do for you, please call 9533-0955 to speak with our Programs Manager

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