Local Hero : Daniel Grulke

DANIEL GRULKE was honoured as a Courage to Care Local Hero at our Berwick Exhibition Program in 2012, after his actions prevented an almost certain tragedy when he jumped in front of an oncoming train to save a teenage girl who was trying to commit suicide.

The Year 12 student from St Francis Xavier’s College was at the Beaconsfield railway station waiting for the train home when he saw a girl walking along the tracks as the train raced toward the station,

The girl was ignoring the shouts of onlookers, he said. “As it got to about 20 metres away, I realised she wasn’t going to get out of the way.”

Daniel jumped onto the tracks, pushed the girl off to the side and leaped out of the way just seconds before the train, which was blasting its horn and attempting to slow down, rolled through the spot where the girl had been standing.

Daniel was also among 62 Australians honoured in the 2012 Australian Bravery Awards, but he didn’t consider that his actions were heroic, saying that he acted instinctively to help her.

“I don’t need a bravery award, honestly, I’m just glad I helped her.”


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