Teachers In-Service

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The Courage to Care program offers a teachers’ professional development in-service at each regional exhibition program.

Why teachers should attend

  •        The in-service helps familiarise you with the aims of the program and assists you in preparing students for the Courage to Care workshop;
  •        To take advantage of the rich smorgasbord of ideas presented in the resource materials covering a range of subjects and curricula ideas;
  •        It will encourage you to extend student learning by providing you with opportunities for further study by students of the main message of this program: Each person can make a difference and Be an upstander.

The elements of the teacher in-service?

  •        A detailed explanation of the program and it components, and a short film is shown to give the historical context;
  •        You will hear the testimony of a survivor;
  •        A round table discussion follows with an outline of how to use the resources and you can ask questions and look at materials.

Teachers are strongly encouraged to attend the teachers in-service prior to attending the exhibition with their students in order to achieve maximum student learning from this once in a lifetime experience.

Participation in the Courage to Care program can have an impact on students which goes well beyond the  two hour of the workshop, and your engagement in this process can be crucial.