What Teachers Say

teacher note 1

English Coordinator, Carranballac P-12 College

“The visit last week was fabulous and the students have had many discussions around the visit. Your team were fabulous and very positive about our students and their interactions with them. Thanks for fulfilling all of my requests.”

Xavier High School, Albury/Wodonga

“It brought to life for the students what happened in history. The facilitation really got the students to think – excellent work.” 

Xavier High School, Albury/Wodonga

“It engaged the student with real details, then took it further to make it matter. Excellent presenters, great materials, effective program.”

Wodonga TAFE, Wodonga

“The program demonstrates and explains what we simply cannot. Inspirational.”

Victory Lutheran College, Wodonga

“Relevant to so much in adolescents’ lives – bullying, acceptance, bigotry, etc. A wonderful program. Please come to our region again soon.”

Wodonga Middle Years College

“This is the second time I have seen this, and it has been a very positive experience for me and my students. Highlighted persecution, and bullying as well, which is very relevant to them all. It is important that students are made aware of the types of discrimination and persecution others face worldwide. We have refugees among the students and it is good for them to see the reasons people flee – and to hear that people do stand up for others.”

Gippsland Grammar School

“The power of this presentation was evident when two students came to see me to report a potential cyber bullying incident. The year 7 girl said she was reluctant to inform me of this issue, but on reflection on the presentation from the day before, said she decided to be an upstander. This was a concept she learned directly from the ‘Courage to Care’ workshop.”

Cranbourne Secondary College

“Thank you for this invaluable opportunity which students MUST have! I recommend this program absolutely, due to its diversity, clarity and detail.”

Carranballac College, Werribee

“Very powerful! It was great for the students to hear REAL stories which were then linked to the Local Heroes, so the goal of making a difference is made achievable.  It had a major impact on students to think about others and have the courage to stand up.”

Assistant Principal, Westbourne Grammar School, Werribee

“Thank you. This exhibition is exceptional. It is full of life-changing concepts and you are courageous to share it with us.”

Principal, Tintern Schools

“The students were rapidly drawn in. The talk by a survivor was listened to in silence, although there were over one hundred students present. Attendance is free, yet the ‘return’ in information gained and discussion generated is massive. I commend the volunteers of ‘Courage to Care’ and urge teachers to take advantage of this excellent travelling exhibition.”

Assistant Principal, Teaching & Learning, Oberon High School

“I believe this excursion to be one of the best that I have experienced in nearly 30 years of teaching. It was a credit to all concerned and such a program must be continued.”