What Students Say

student note

SRC Secretary, Rochester Secondary College

“It sparked the realisation that we do have the responsibility to stand up and voice our concerns, to make a difference when we believe something unjust is occurring. Until we attended ‘Courage to Care’ we had heard very little about the Righteous among the Nations. Thank you for telling these important and inspirational stories. It was eye-opening for everybody.”

Year 11, Students Against Racism, Hobart College

“I thought about why people hate each other, why they discriminate against each other, why people start violence. It is hard to think about and hard to listen to, but we are lucky too because we heard the facts and we learnt about the people who had the courage to help. This gives you hope.”

Year 11, Loyola College

“It’s eye-opening and teaches us much more than history and the Holocaust. It inspires you to be an individual and stand up for your beliefs. It made me realise that I can make a difference.”

Year 11, Sale

“This program is great. I thought it would be just about boring history, but it’s given us something to take with us for life”

Year 9, Geelong

“It really impacted me, got me thinking about how easy it is for bad things to happen when you don’t do anything.”

Year 10, Geelong

“It’s an eye-opener and gets people to think about racism and the way it still affects our society.”

Year 9, Surf Coast Secondary College

“I found it so interesting and unbelievable to actually hear from a holocaust survivor, I will always remember this.”