A full day of training for ALL Courage to Care workshop volunteers.
This training is mandatory if you wish to participate in workshop teams in 2018 in the roles of:

  • Team leader (seasoned facilitators also welcome)
  • Facilitator (new and experienced) and Mentor
  • Survivor speaker / custodian
  • Day Organiser (new volunteers interested in this role are also welcome)

To download full details CLICK HERE

B’nai B’rith Courage to Care is a travelling educational exhibition program that educates Australians about racism, bigotry and bullying, promotes respect for diversity, and inspires Upstander behaviour.

Developed and delivered by an amazing team of trained volunteers, the Program inspires Australians to understand that each person can make a difference by choosing to be an Upstander in the face of prejudice and bullying.

Central are the stories of Upstanders: The Righteous Among the Nations and our own Local Heroes, in free exhibition program workshops or smaller-scale incursions  to schools. Professional Development in-service  for teachers is available for participating schools.

The Program is free of charge to schools and bus subsidies may be available to assist schools so cost is no obstacle to student participation. The Exhibition is open to the general public and there is no admission charge – we welcome donations to keep this program on the road.

Courage to Care received the Victorian Multicultural Commission Award for Excellence in Education 2013 and is supported by the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

We are indebted to our Principal Partner Gandel Philanthropy, for support in the production of the interactive multimedia exhibition materials, and the portable, newly-launched multimedia incursion program kits.