Righteous hero Kees Hos passes


Kees (Cornelis) Hos (b 1916) passed away in Auckland on 3 December 2015. Hos was a young teacher at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague when the Second World War broke out. He joined the Dutch underground resistance, hiding Jewish friends from the Academy and their families in his home, and forging passports and identification papers, at great risk to himself, his wife Tine and their young daughter Eske. He was eventually arrested, spending the end of the war in a Dutch prison. His courage and compassion were acknowledged with a Medal of Honour from Israel, “righteous among the nations”.

For many years, Kees lived in rural Victoria and participated in the Courage to Care program, speaking to many school groups about his story.

Kees is survived by his children Eske and Pieter, and his grandchildren Karen, Andrea, Hagen and Chloe, and seven great-grandchildren.

With thanks to Andrew Paul Wood for the full obituary.

Kees Hos, Righteous Among the Nations, (1916 - 2015)