Our Vision


The vision of Courage to Care

  • To inform and educate Australians on the dangers of prejudice and discrimination.
  • To educate Australians, particularly students, towards an understanding of the roles of victim, perpetrator, bystander and upstander by exposing them to survivors of the Holocaust and their rescuers.
  • To inspire Australians to be Upstanders: to combat bullying and racism by empowering each individual to take positive action when confronted by discrimination or bullying, whether in the schoolyard or the workplace, or in the public space.

Ordinary People – Extraordinary Acts
Each person can make a difference

How we work towards our vision

The Courage to Care exhibition and educational program travels throughout the state of Victoria to make the program available to Victorian students. We mount 3-4 major exhibition programs each year, and aim to ensure that each Victorian student has access to the program at least once every four years.

The exhibition program is hosted by schools in the regions we visit. Occasionally, when appropriate facilities are not available at a school, we find community venues such as local council art centres. If you are interested in bringing the Courage to Care exhibition program to your region, contact us.

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