Our Story


COURAGE TO CARE is a travelling exhibition and educational program which is wholly developed and delivered by volunteers.

Courage to Care offers exhibition program workshops, single-school incursion workshops, and customised programs for tertiary institutions and community organisations which want to deepen understanding of prejudice and strengthen tolerance and understanding in our communities. Courage to Care also offers Teacher Professional Development in-service programs for participating schools. For schools which can access neither our exhibition programs nor our incursion program, we are working on offering webcast learning (watch this space!)

The Courage to Care program:

  • is positive

It uses examples from the past to plant the seeds of awareness, understanding and empathy for minority groups and for people experiencing disadvantage. It fosters acceptance and an appreciation of diversity.

  • is empowering

Participants realise they can have a direct effect by supporting those who experience prejudice and discrimination.

  • is enlightening

Individuals are encouraged to enquire, discuss and critically reflect on their personal values as they become more aware of the types of behaviour that constitute bullying, racism and intolerance – and the impact of being a bystander.

  • is educational

By looking at the sweep of history, it offers students an insight into the consequences which result when the majority remain silent; and raises teacher awareness of relevant curriculum resources and materials.

  • is flexible

The exhibition, the presentations and the workshops can be modified for different audiences and varying needs.

The program offers:

  • Application to AusVELS, including English, History, Religion, Philosophy, Rights and Responsibilities (Civics), Geography in the Global Education Project, VCE Psychology, Respectful Relationships, anti-bullying education
  • Powerful presentations and facilitated small-group discussion
  • Exploration of bystander behaviour and empowering students to make a difference
  • Uses the context of the Holocaust as one of the most extreme examples of racism and bullying
  • Introduces students to survivors of the Holocaust and their rescuers, those individuals who took personal risks to save others
  • Presents a unique opportunity to hear first person testimony from a Holocaust survivor
  • Encourages students to discuss and reflect on their experiences and opinions
  • Courage to Care also honours local heroes – Upstanders in our contemporary society.