Incursion Programs

Dita Gould with Rochester students 72dpi

INCURSION PROGRAMS can be tailored to the specific needs of individual schools. Incursion workshops deliver the same program as Exhibition Program workshops but are run on a smaller scale. The heart of the program and the message of Courage to Care remain the same in all workshops: that each person can make a difference by choosing to be an Upstander.

Incursion booking conditions:

  • A minimum of two workshops on the same day, each for at least 50 students but no more than 60 students per workshop
  • For three or more workshops, consecutive days may need to be booked depending on the distance from Melbourne
  • If the distance is too great for the team to travel from Melbourne and return on the same day and need to stay overnight, a minimum of four workshops must be booked.
  • Incursions can be booked for 1 – 4 consecutive days
  • Workshops are structured to run 110 minutes uninterrupted; we will not shorten the length of workshops  as this would compromise the student experience
  • exceptions are made for schools providing for the needs of special or disadvantaged students
  • Incursions can be offered only when the Courage to Care schedule allows, so early enquiry is encouraged. We ask for a minimum of three weeks notice, though we are flexible.

What schools need to provide:

  • Set up requires enough space to allow students to congregate around the presentation stations without interfering with students at neighbouring stations
  • A theatre-stye arrangement with sufficient seats for all students to view the introductory film
  • Audio-visual equipment (screen and projector for film on USB, and microphone)
  • Break-out spaces for smaller discussion groups that allow students to speak freely without interfering with or disrupting neighbouring groups
  • During the workshop sessions, other classes/students will not be able to use the space
  • Adjustments to the school time table to accommodate a program of 110 uninterrupted minutes

Incursions are free but we ask schools to consider making a (non-obligatory) donation to Courage to Care to help us continue to develop and run the program.

Want to make a booking? Read through our Incursion workshop criteria to be sure the school can meet our needs, and then email the booking form, or call the program manager on 03-9500 2313