Hosting Programs

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THE COURAGE TO CARE Exhibition Program travels throughout regional Victoria and is usually hosted by schools that want their students to participate in the workshop program.

The Courage to Care calendar is planned 12 – 24 months in advance, and we welcome enquiries from schools and community venues to host the program for a regional exhibition or for smaller scale incursion programs.

If you’re interested in hosting programs, contact us to discuss when the Courage to Care program can come to you.

If you’d like to bring students to one of our scheduled exhibition programs, check our schedule. If we’re not going to be in your area when you need us, book an incursion!

What do we need from hosts?

To successfully host the Courage to Care Exhibition Program schools need to be able to provide the physical space for both the installation and for the educational workshop program. Courage to Care usually hosts an official opening for each exhibition, which takes place after hours – either on a weekday evening or occasionally on a Sunday afternoon.

Schools have hosted the program in sports halls, auditoriums, libraries, and in adjoined large classrooms, so we can be very flexible as long as there is adequate space for all elements of the program.

Exhibition programs are usually hosted for a two to three week period. During this time, the host school is given priority in student workshops. Many host schools choose to include the whole school cohort in the program, making for the most powerful impact for their students.

Courage to Care contacts all other secondary schools in the region to invite their participation during the two or three week period.


The installation of exhibition resources requires a space of approximately 200 square metres, to allow groups of students (20 – 70) to freely circulate amongst the exhibits.

The educational program also requires an auditorium space with sufficient seating for up to 80 students. It is preferable that this space has a lectern and microphone.

Finally, the facilitation teams will require breakout spaces to allow for small group discussions without groups interfering or disturbing neighbouring groups. Three or four adjoining rooms work well, but if the exhibition venue is large enough, areas separated in space will be adequate.

If you have a single hall of approximately 300 -400 square metres, the entirety of the program can be conducted within the one space.


The host school usually takes a prominent role in the official opening, providing not only the venue but also can act as co-host, inviting the whole of the school community – parents and staff – to participate in the event.


During the two or three weeks that Courage to Care is hosted by the school, students will not have access to the space during those times when workshops are booked, including workshops booked by other schools. Workshops run for 110 minutes without interruption.

The space in which the exhibition is installed will not be available for other activities, though the exhibition itself is open for viewing to the school (and possibly the public by arrangement) at any time when Courage to Care staff are available to supervise.

When Courage to Care volunteers are not in attendance, we ask that the installation space remain locked and inaccessible.

Need more information? Call the office on 9500-2313 at any time to discuss, or email.