Exhibition Programs

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COURAGE TO CARE mounts three or four full Exhibition Programs in Victoria each year, offering free educational workshops to students of metropolitan and regional schools.

We aim to operate on a four-year cycle in our regional travels to allows all Victorian schools to access our program.

Workshops are carefully structured to run for 110 minutes, and we cannot alter the length of workshops as this negatively impacts on the experience of students.

All required material is provided, so schools and students don’t need to bring any materials with them.

Workshops are offered to school at no cost. We can also offer bus subsidies to schools where financial hardship may be an obstacle to student participation.

Workshops have four distinct parts:

A  brief introductory film gives historical background to the Holocaust as an extreme example of the consequences of intolerance and prejudice.

A survivor’s testimony
A Holocaust survivor gives personal testimony focusing on how their rescuers demonstrated the courage to care.

The exhibition
The exhibition consists of an interactive, large-screen multimedia exhibition recounting stories of the rescuers and the people they saved, as well as showcases exhibiting artefacts and thematic exhibits. Genocides other than the Holocaust are included.

Facilitated discussion
Led by trained facilitators, participants are encouraged to reflect on their own life experiences and to relate the examples provided in the program to their own lives, thus contextualising the experience.

Objectives of the program

We want to empower participants to be Upstanders in the face of injustice, by giving them an understanding of the consequences of bystander behaviour both on the individual and on society. The program clearly demonstrates that being a Bystander is not a neutral position because it empowers the perpetrator, and students take away the empowering message that each person can, and does, make a difference through their choices.

Want to see where our exhibition program will be in future? Check our schedule. Or you can email an enquiry, or call the program manager on 03-9533 0955