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Every person can make a difference.
Every act of philanthropy matters.

What sort of future do you envision?

Our dream at Courage to Care is for all Australians to live in healthy communities that are free of prejudice, racism, intolerance, and bullying. Since the inception of Courage to Care, the generous support of individuals and organisations and has enabled us to share our message with almost 90,000 school students over almost 25 years.

We believe this is possible and achievable, and it is in your power to help us to realise this goal.

We have achieved extraordinary success and we continue to strive towards improvement and expansion in bringing our message of tolerance to as many Australians as possible. We continue to work on innovative and exciting projects to expand our program to new communities as well as continuing to work with existing participants to make a real difference in our world.

The work of Courage to Care relies on the efforts of volunteers, who plan and deliver all aspects of our program. We are grateful for working grants from the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, but we need additional funding from individuals and philanthropic organisations to be able to continue our valuable work.

Your tax deductible donation can help us to:

  • bring the program to regional and rural locations that have limited access to social tolerance education programs
  • subsidise students in regional areas to attend the program by covering transport costs to and from the exhibition
  • develop and distribute high-quality education material for teachers and students complementing the program and for ongoing use in the curriculum
  • help us to access expert advice and assistance to complement the work and skills of our volunteer team.

Donate now to Courage to Care Vic:

  • online through
  • by cheque directed to Courage to Care, 71 Kooyong Road, Caulfield VIC 3161
  • by making a Bequest in your Will. Please contact the Treasurer
  • by selecting Courage to Care Vic as your charity of choice in lieu of gifts when celebrating personal or family milestones (call on 9500-2313 for information on how we can help you arrange this, and for information on how your support and that of your guests will be acknowledged)
  • Interested individuals and organisations can also support the work of Courage to Care by entering into a partnership with us. Please contact Partnerships & Development.

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