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B’nai B’rith Courage to Care is an education program supported by a travelling exhibition that educates Australians about racism, bigotry and bullying, and promotes respect for diversity.

Developed and delivered by an amazing team of trained volunteers, the Program inspires Australians to understand that each person can make a difference by choosing to be an Upstander in the face of prejudice and bullying.

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Local Hero Daniel Cowan impresses at opening

“It’s not about the good I’ve done, it’s about the people being helped” On Tuesday 24 May, at the official opening of the Courage to Care Wangaratta Exhibition Program, Wangaratta local Daniel Cowan was presented with an award as a Courage to Care Local Hero for his work in helping to build the lives of others. When Daniel Cowan, aged 19, left home in Wangaratta for the first time, to travel on his own and find himself, he headed to the Philippines to volunteer for three months at a small outreach program in the slums of Mandaue city on the island of Cebu. Find Out More »