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B’nai B’rith Courage to Care is an education program supported by a travelling exhibition that educates Australians about racism, bigotry and bullying, and promotes respect for diversity.

Developed and delivered by an amazing team of trained volunteers, the Program inspires Australians to understand that each person can make a difference by choosing to be an Upstander in the face of prejudice and bullying.

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Calling on students to have the Courage to Care

UPSTANDING: Alycia Abdy, Jye Moon, George Deutsch, Portia Whitehead and Joshua Hunt take up the Courage to Care challenge: to stand up for what's right, rather than be a bystander, when faced with injustice. The Courage to Care team is in Bendigo, providing workshops for secondary school students on racism, bigotry, persecution and bullying, and making a big impression on students and their teachers. Standing before a group of Bendigo students in St Killian’s Hall, Holocaust survivor George Deutsch shared his story with an audience other than family and friends for the first time.  “It was very emotional, but it was very rewarding because I feel I am honouring the people in France who looked after my family and who are the reason I am still alive today,” he said.  Read the whole story at the Bendigo Advertiser.   Find Out More »